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Well, we are out of the Winter doldrums and Spring is finally here.  It’s time to start meeting again and get rides planned.  Our April meeting is scheduled for Thursday April 18 at 6PM at Kilted Dragon Brewing in Graden City.  Nice place, good beer (there are also soft drinks and water available for purchase for those not imbibing and a food truck is usually stationed in the parking lot and sometimes so good music). A map to Kilted Dragon is included in the post. You also should be able to subscribe to the  event to  calendar for your phone or desktop calendar via the the little megaphone looking icon in the calendar to the right.  That will make sure that all future rides and meet ups are on your schedule.

I’ve tentatively penciled in the following dates for meet ups for the next few months.  I’d like to get a few rides in also and am looking for volunteer ride captains.  On those weeks/months that we have a weekend ride, we would not have a meeting.

Tentative Meeting Dates:

  • April 18, 6PM @ Kilted Dragon Brewing
  • May 16, 6PM @ Brewforia Meridian
  • June 20 (Piss Up at Moro’s in Zootown…so likely will be enjoying Bayern or Draughtworks)
  • July 18, 6PM @ Crooked Fence Brewing
  • August 15, 6PM @ Payette Brewing
  • September 19, 6PM @ Kilted Dragon Brewing
  • October 17, 6PM @Brewforia Eagle

I’m open to suggestions in regards to locations.  Now that Donnie Mac’s is no more I guess we are kind of looking for a home. All locations listed above have non-alcoholic beverage options and have either food trucks or full restaurants.




Membership Update

BIR Worldwide is in the process of updating its membership roster. Sawtooth members should have received an email within the last week to this effect. If you wish to remain associated, please follow the link in the email and complete the form. If you have questions please contact Sneetch.


The Head Cat in Boise

Any of you guys interested in going to see Lemmy and friends at Neurolux on the 22nd?  Should be a great show.


But seriously.  Some classic footage from the “Rumble in Brighton”.


September Meeting

Don’t forget, September Clan meeting tonight at 7:00PM on the 9th at Bull’s Head  Pub in Meridian (Yeah, we are trying a different place this month).  Be there or you’re paying the next tab!




Jonathan Weech


Boise’s 3rd Annual Retro Rocket Rally and Mods vs. Rockers Weekend

July 19, 2010 – Boise, ID – Vintage and retro motorcycle and scooter enthusiasts take note:  Friday, July 30th and Saturday, July 31st, 2010 mark the dates of Boise’s 3rd Annual Retro Rocket Rally and Mods vs. Rockers Weekend.  The event has experienced tremendous growth since its inception, and organizers expect another successful event.

The Retro Rocket Rally and Mods vs Rockers Weekend has quickly become one of the region’s premiere two wheel events, celebrating vintage café racers, scooters, race bikes, flat trackers, sport bikes, performance customs, super bikes, and modern retro bikes.



Great looking Boise Mods vs Rockers 2010 shirts are now available on the SWAG page.



Mods vs Rockers 2010 T-Shirt


Jeff and Mike over at Union Motorcycles and Wirestone recently put up a great informational site for this year’s Retro Rocket Rally | Mods vs. Rockers 2010 to be held July 31.  There will be a lot of new information coming soon, with ride routes, music details, etc.  We look forward to seeing you all there.  If last year’s growth is any indication of what direction we are headed, this event should be ROCKIN CRAZY this year!

Retro Rocket Rally | Mods vs. Rockers Boise 2010


Thanks to all who showed last night at Donnie Mac’s for the June meeting.  There was enough PBR and OE to go around and we got a good bit of planning done for MvR and the ride up to Mort’s Burn Up.  Even heart rumors of a ride set for 6/12.  Cheers!  See you all soon.

Da Boys at Donnie Macs 6/12/10


Before anymore time went by this year I wanted to make all Sawtooth Clan members aware of Mort’s Missou Burn Up.  Mort has graciously opened his homestead to pretty reprehensible mix of BIR, Blue Meanies, and Fez Monkey’s starting June 24 and ending June 27.  Sounds like there will be lots to do, including a track day on Friday at a private track.

We will be leaving Boise Thursday early AM and anticipate pulling into Missoula 8-9 hours later.  There is a chance that we will meet up with other NW Clan members somewhere near Grangeville and ride Hwy 12 over Lolo together.  All Sawtoothers are welcome.  So far Adam and I (Sneetch) are committed to going, with Mike P leaning that way but still not at 100%.  If you would like more details, give one of us a call.